In the south east of Dubai lies Hatta village named Hatta. It has ranges of mountains and dams. This region is famous for many factors including its water supply and tourism. There is also Hatta club that is a center of football. This territory is a rescue from the heat of Dubai desert due to its moderate environment. This village is full of history and has contributed to Dubai’s economy a lot and is still doing that. The Hatta was famous for growing palm trees and providing wood for construction. It is the main attraction for tourist due to its cold and calm weather.


When the tourist are feeling annoyed by the heat of Dubai the tourism companies take them to Hatta Mountains for fresh and cool breeze. The Hatta village is a great tourism spot because of its heritage, beautiful palm trees, parks and damns. The team picks you up from your hotel and take you to the Hatta village under their supervision and guide. The views and sceneries on way to Hatta are also gorgeous and breathtaking. They pass from beautiful Hajar Mountains and reach Hatta damn. Following are the few perks of Hatta Safari Tour:

  • Hatta fort hotel: is a divine experience to stay and get freshen up the hotel. This is an extremely highly equipped hotel for a place like Hatta. The guests are welcome there and then they set off for the tour of rest of the Hatta village.
  • Hatta village heritage: this village prototype built in 2001, is an image of what the ancient village of the emirates might look like. The tourist galore over this place to take alook at the past.
  • Hatta dam: the team stops at Hatta dam and the tourists are allowed to take pictures. The guide tells a few details about the dam. It is consumes about 880 millions of gallon of water to produce electricity. The hydroelectric plant is working in an efficient way which the tourist can view.
  • Hatta Hill Park: built in 2004, the almost 64 square kilometer park is an attraction for tourist. The tourist can stay here for a while, have fun, and play games and picnic in the park. The kids may also have a lot of fun here as they can play whatever they want.
  • Hatta Bike Trails: the trails are organized for cyclist in the mountain region. They are made in a way that even beginners can ride in those trails. The trails are a main source of recreation for the tourists. As there are no other activities than site seeing.
  • Hatta Tanor Lahm Restaurant: after a tiring day who does not need a hearty meal to satisfy their hunger. This famous restaurant provides with the most luscious meals with traditional touch.


Tourists as well as the locals go to Hatta Mountains for camping, biking and hiking. The weather in this area compliments all the activities like these. If there is no trail of rains anywhere in Dubai then there is a chance of rain at Hatta. That is the main reason it is a tourist attraction in Dubai.