Dubai – Healthcare and Medical Treatment Facilities

With a large number of public and private hospitals and clinics offering state of the art medical technology and medical care, makes Dubai one of the best in the world when it comes to the healthcare system. There is easy access to all forms of medical care for everyone including the citizens, visitors, and expatriate workers. The government has invested heavily in the health sector and that is why there is a high ratio of medical personnel to the population. This ratio is higher comparable with most developed countries in the world.

Every type of advanced medical treatment is available in Dubai including organ transplants, laser treatments, and open heart surgeries. The reason behind the excellent local training facilities for UAE doctors and nursing staff are the links of UAE with outside medical organizations such as the UK’s Royal College of Surgeons.

The Government of Dubai has put in place a major project to create Dubai Healthcare City. This project is expected to become a regional center of excellence for medical services, education, and research. This will be the world’s first healthcare free zone as well.

In the state hospitals, GP clinics, and surgeries, free treatment is provided. The hospitals run by the government include Dubai Hospital, Maktoum Hospital, Rashid Hospital, and Al Wasl Hospital. Dubai Hospital is a general hospital and one of the leading medical centers in the region. However, Al Wasl is a wonderful Gynecology, Maternity, and Pediatrics hospital.

Besides the state hospitals, there are some private hospitals as well. These include American Hospital and the Welcare Hospital. There are also a large number of clinics in Dubai offering alternative and complementary forms of medicine. For the citizens of the UAE, the treatment in state-run or public hospitals is a free while for visitors and expatriate workers, they may refuse treatment and ultimately they would have to move to private hospitals. The fees in private hospitals can be very expensive and that is why it is strongly recommended to obtain a proper international health insurance prior to moving to Dubai. Many employees working in Dubai are provided this facility by their employer while other may have to obtain it.

All the medicines are readily available in the pharmacies of Dubai. Some of these stay open for 24 hours while others may have some fixed working hours.