Perkins Generator Models – Get Your Hands on the Best

When it comes to alternate power solutions, one name that comes to our minds straight away is none other than Perkins. Perkins Generators is a leading and most trusted name in generator industry. They are manufacturing superior quality generators and engines. The engines produced by Perkins are also being used in other brands like Cummins; another leading name in the industry. Perkins generators models are available in a big number – thanks to an extensive variety offered by Perkins. Some of the models are:

Perkins 1100 Series 1103A

This is one of the best selling models offered by Perkins. This diesel engine has three cylinders that provide increased output in lesser consumption of diesel. This wonderful generator comes with a warranty of 2 years. Having a power rating range of 75.10, this generator works at a speed of 1800 RPM.

Perkins 1000 Series 1006TG2A

If you are looking for a diesel generator with more output capacity, this model might intrigue you. This generator has 6 cylinders and comes with a warranty of 1 year. The fuel tank capacity of this model is 50 liters which ensure uninterrupted power supply for a longer time. The weight range is 500-1000 KGs.

Perkins 1000 Series 1006TAG2 ElectropaK

Belonging to the powerful 1000 series, this diesel generator comes in 6 cylinders for increased output. It has a power rating of 165.00 and a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters. It is ideal for the commercial sector and can prove to be fruitful. This model is being used in many different sectors and so far the results have been very satisfying.

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